Mindfulness In The Workplace

Mindfulness Meditation  – 1 or 2-hour program

This one to two-hour program is designed to help those attending understand what Mindfulness is and how it can be cultivated both personally and professionally. The workshop includes experiential training and  explores the research that makes the establishment of a meditation practice more compelling. 

Other 1-2 hour programs include :

Mindfulness Meditation and Pain Relief  – 1 or 2-hour program

Participants will learn about the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice as it relates to the reduction of emotional and physical pain. Relevant research will be reviewed and there will be opportunities for experiential practice of the intervention elements.

Mindfulness Meditation and Addiction  – 1 or 2-hour program

This class offers the perspective of how mindfulness meditation can be of benefit  for those in recovery from addiction. The presentation includes experiential practice and  participants will learn how mindfulness meditation can be used to unpack  patterns of reactivity and numbing in order to make effective behavior change

Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation   – 60 - 90 minute programs

These programs can be customized to suit the workplace interests and needs. They can range from brief meditation instructions and practice to a longer didactic on the practice and exposure to a variety of practice methods over the course of six weeks.

8-week on-site MBSR Program

The 8-week MBSR program is a unique opportunity for a group of participants to  experience the full MBSR program in an organizational setting.  Throughout the 8-weeks participants will participate in guided meditations, mindful movement, and small and large group discussions.  There will be weekly home practice assignments that include a daily meditation practice, along with other small reading and experiential assignments.   The course will help the participants tap into the internal resources that already exist within themselves.  For many, this can result in an increase in stress hardiness and resiliency.  The instructor will help navigate challenges with the practice and highlight learning areas.  The course is structured to help the participant find ways to cultivate mindfulness into their daily lives so that they can receive the benefits far beyond the 8-week course.

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